Applique Process

Power Image Screen Printing & Embroidery Appliqué Process

Power Image Appliqué Process In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Power Image is the first in Southern Utah to offer appliqué design and in house production. Appliqué allows you to produce eye-catching design effects that would be impossible to duplicate with direct embroidery. Appliqué is the process where fabric or felt is cut into a design and then it is embroidered onto the garment. Using fabric to replace fill stitches adds interesting texture and dimension to your designs and lowers your stitch count. Appliqué is something you must consider with finished garments that yield a high-perception value. Appliqué is one of the most unique and exciting applications for embroidery and is an ideal choice when dealing with a large design with a lot of stitches of one color.  
Embroidery Appliqué BenefitsAdds different layers, dimensions and textures for a really great look. You can do a large fill design with less stitches than a full embroidery design. An example would be a large 12 inch number on a back of a jersey. It can be sewn over a screen print or a digital garment print for a true multimedia effect. High quality 100% polyester twill that is used on most pro uniforms. Felt and Acrylic Felt add a classic touch that is durable and washable. Excellent for creating a retro look. Appliqué is a great way to recreate Collegiate looks. Good choice for a high end retail look.

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