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Here at Power Image we have a passion for embroidery, we love it! We understand how important your embroidery project is to you and we work hard to make sure the art and finished products turn out just right.

How Does the Embroidery Process Work? What are the Benefits of Embroidery?

Branding is an extremely important part of your business, from your logo, to your company’s image and your employees. Your brand is important to you and your business depends upon encoding it into the public mind to seek growth, expansion and recognition. Here at Power Image we know the importance of your brand and want to make sure that you know options for branding your image on company items, whether t-shirts, jackets, hats or even laptop bags. It’s important for you know options as to what we have to offer your company.

Embroidery is the perfect decoration method for golf shirts, hats and higher end apparel. Embroidery is a great way to add excellence and creativity to almost any kind of apparel. It is a way to give your business a professional and sophisticated image. Embroidery design is used to create eye-catching effects and striking images on the garments, clothing and several forms of outfits. If professionalism is what you want, then embroidery is for you. Power Image offers a full service embroidery department with in house design, digitizing, and production for complete control over the entire process. If you need mass production, we are connected with oversea companies that offer prices you won’t be able to turn down.

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The embroidery process usually begins with a logo or artwork, generally our artists will set-up the job sending proofs of the logo or artwork on the items that were chosen to have embroidery on. This proof is a simple layout, to give the customer an idea what their logo will look like on the items; shirts, pants, jackets, hats, etc., these proofs usually give an idea of the size, approx colors and location. Once the artwork has been approved, it will move to the embroidery process. The embroidery process begins with the artwork proof, the artwork has to be “digitized”which is a special process of converting the logo into stitches or thread. The digitizing process is taking the logo and recreating the logo into stitches, patterns and colors, this process is necessary in order for the machine to read and be able to sew a logo.

Once the artwork has been digitized, it is then ready to be put into production. The production process begins by loading the design into the machine, setting up the colors for the job. Each color needs to be set-up and loaded into the machine, the operator then sets up the design with the specific colors loaded into the machine. The garments are hooped in the specific location, individually by hand, in order to make sure the placement and straightness of the logo will be sewn. The garments are then loaded into the machine and the logo is sewn. Once the logo has finished sewing the items are checked and sent to the finishing department. The finishing department is responsible for checking the quality, trimming excess threads, and trim the backing. These items are then folded and checked out, ready to be picked up by the customer or company.

More Benefits

One time set-up fee (Usually $75.00). No set-up fees on reorders. Great choice for a design with a lot of colors. Great decoration method for gifts, employees, uniforms, advertising, etc. No minimum required.Shows a professional image.

In today’s competitive marketplace, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Power Image is the first in Southern Utah to offer appliqué design and in house production. Appliqué allows you to produce eye-catching design effects that would be impossible to duplicate with direct embroidery. Appliqué is the process where fabric or felt is cut into a design and then it is embroidered onto the garment. Using fabric to replace fill stitches adds interesting texture and dimension to your designs and lowers your stitch count. Appliqué is something you must consider with finished garments that yield a high-perception value.

Appliqué is one of the most unique and exciting applications for embroidery and is an ideal choice when dealing with a large design with a lot of stitches of one color.

Embroidery Appliqué Benefits

Adds different layers, dimensions and textures for a really great look.
You can do a large fill design with less stitches than a full embroidery design. An example would be a large 12 inch number on a back of a jersey.
It can be sewn over a screen print or a digital garment print for a true multimedia effect.
High quality 100% polyester twill that is used on most pro uniforms.
Felt and Acrylic Felt add a classic touch that is durable and washable. Excellent for creating a retro look.
Appliqué is a great way to recreate Collegiate looks.
Good choice for a high end retail look.

Here are the Top Selling Products for Embroidery

Good Polo

100% Polyester 4 Oz. This Polo is great for the basic needs. It’s lightweight and comfortable and most affordable. K540

Better Polo

100% Polyester 3.8 Oz. This Polo is Better because it will not shrink as much and will hold it’s color a lot longer. T475

Best Polo

100% Polyester 4.7 Oz. This Polo is Best because it is Super Soft, is has a more fitted look and is the best seller by far. 267020

Performance Polo

100% Polyester 4 Oz. This Polo is great for most athletic purposes. This Polo is a Moisture Wicking Dry Fit Polo. K547

Good Button Up

55/45 Blend 4.5 Oz. This Button Up is great for the basic needs. It’s midweight and comfortable and most affordable. S508

Better Button Up

65/35 Cotton/Polyester Blend 4.5 Oz. This Button Up is Better because it is built to last a lot longer than the average Button Up. SP24

Best Button Up

55/45 Cotton/Poly Blend 3.4 Oz. This Button Up is Best because it is Super Soft and comfortable best seller by far. S663

High End Button Up

55/45 Cotton/Polyester Blend 3.4 Oz. This Button Up is great for most occasions. Higher end fashion.RH80

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